Eliminize…for odor-free, clean, FRESH air!

We utilize chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to deodorize confined spaces like homes. Eliminize Service creates a customized solution that eliminates all organic odors including those from pets, cigarettes, and food. 

How it Works

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Where have you been all of my real estate career, Eliminize…!?”

“I believe this product will be a game-changer in the real estate industry. Few things turn prospective buyers off quicker than walking into a home and immediately smelling something unpleasant such as odors from pets, cooking, smoke or diaper pails. With Eliminize, the odors and concerns are eliminated! I believe using it will help some homes sell faster and possibly at a higher price than they otherwise would have.”

– Julie B., Jacksonville Realtor

Frequently asked questions

What can Eliminize Service do for me?

Eliminize Service can help you sell a home quicker by eliminating bad odors that have lingered from previous owners, usually without having to clean the carpets or paint the walls. In extreme cases, a second visit may be required but that is a rare exception and not the rule. Once you have contacted us, we’ll set up a consultation meeting by phone to get the address and identify the rooms that have bad odors. We will pick up the keys or you can meet us at the home. We will measure by cubic feet to come up with the amount of ingredients we will need. When we have agreed to the service needed, we can perform the service at that time. Late afternoon is best so that it works overnight, but we can also work with a flexible schedule. When the service is completed, we’ll return the keys or meet you at the home to ensure satisfaction. We do all the work while you continue to take care of your clients.