About Eliminize Service

Eliminize & Associates, LLC and Eliminize Service, LLC are privately held offshoots of Eagle Paper, a warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing group based in Louisville KY. Eagle’s business model for the past 40 years has been based around industrial cleaning products and services. We utilize chlorine dioxide gas (ClO2) to deodorize confined spaces like homes, cars, boats, etc. Eliminize Service creates a customized solution that eliminates all organic odors including those from pets, cigarettes, and food. ClO2 is one of the most effective odor-removing, mold/mildew destroying and virus killing applications available. So why have you never heard of it? 

The chemical compounds which deliver our solution are tightly regulated by the EPA. There are restrictions on both shipping and application of ClO2 and its base chemical products. One of Eliminize & Associates partners, Michael J. Rourk, is a University of Florida undergraduate and a graduate of Emory University with a PhD in chemistry. Our approach based on his knowledge is around a solid understanding of biochemistry and a mathematically calculated solution.

Once a property has been identified for service we will work directly with the agent to schedule the date and time of treatment. The originating realtor will have the option of meeting at the address or simply leaving keys at the main office. From this point it will be a “turn-key” service handled completely by Eliminize personnel.

Each individual room including hallways will be measured to determine cubic footage (cf3). Rooms will also be assessed based on biomaterial load to determine the amount of chlorine dioxide needed with emphasis on parts per million (ppm). Rooms with heavier odors and higher concentrations of fabrics (carpet, drapes, furniture, etc.) will be treated with higher concentrations and increased ppm.

Following treatment Eliminize Service will remove all gas delivery products, ensure a successful result, and return keys directly to the listing agent or the home office. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, we can work with realtors on a home-by-home basis. In situations where the property is not vacant, we can come up with a schedule that will work for everyone.

Believing is the Most Important Thing!

Any product or service, especially one as novel as chlorine dioxide treatment, requires repeatable results and consistently satisfied customers. ClO2 has been used for decades for removal of odors, sanitizing and disinfecting. A few examples are: 

  • White House Anthrax scare 
  • Mold in homes affected by Hurricane Katrina 
  • City of Pittsburg municipal water treatment

Over the course of multiple academic and EPA studies, this gas has been proven to remove odors within a confined space, kill black mold & mildew and every virus on which it has been tested. Through product trials and testing over the past several years, we have consistently turned our customers into believers. We are so confident in our ability to increase turnaround time to sell a home and increase commissions that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.