Frequently Asked Questions

What is chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and how does it work?

ClO2 is a chemical compound made up of a chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. Although chlorine dioxide has "chlorine" in its name, it is vastly different from chlorine. It is gentler and more selective, allowing it to be more efficient and effective when reacting with other substances like odor molecules. ClO2 oxidizes, so unlike chlorine, it will not produce environmentally harmful organic compounds containing chlorine. It binds with an odor molecule, selectively oxidizing the odor molecule and rendering it odorless leaving clean, fresh air.

Why does it work better than alternatives?

ClO2 destroys pathogens (odor, mold, virus) at a molecular level. Due to its size it can penetrate biofilms in a way no spray or atomized cleaner can. The size of a ClO2 molecule is so small, it can easily penetrate areas where these pathogens might be concealed (see chart, below). It is also a “green” way to deodorize since it breaks down after it reacts into harmless components.

What can Eliminize Service do for me?

Eliminize Service can help you sell a home quicker by eliminating bad odors that have lingered from previous owners, usually without having to clean the carpets or paint the walls. In extreme cases, a second visit may be required but that is a rare exception and not the rule. Once you have contacted us, we’ll set up a consultation meeting by phone to get the address and identify the rooms that have bad odors. We will pick up the keys or you can meet us at the home. We will measure by cubic feet to come up with the amount of ingredients we will need. When we have agreed to the service needed, we can perform the service at that time. Late afternoon is best so that it works overnight, but we can also work with a flexible schedule. When the service is completed, we’ll return the keys or meet you at the home to ensure satisfaction. We do all the work while you continue to take care of your clients.

Does the house need to be empty of furniture?

No, especially if the odor is coming from the furniture, carpet, drapes, etc. Moving those items out to perform the service then bringing them back in will not give the best results. An empty home is best but again, we can work with a furnished home.

Can pets, plants or people be in the house while the service is being performed?

No, we expect everyone and every living thing to be out of the house for the treatment period.

Do I have to wipe everything down after the service has been performed?

No, there is no film or residue left after the service. We simply remove the product containers and confirm the bad odors have been eliminated.

Will the odor come back?

Since our service gets rid of bad odors down to the molecule the odor should not return. It does not protect from the reintroduction of bad odors, though. If pets, smoking or cooking odors resume, the room or house will take on those new odors.